Foundation classes cover the fundamental concepts, technique, and knowledge from which to build and improve your photography skills and knowledge. These classes (and Foundation Modules) are for beginning to intermediate photographers who would like to further explore camera operation and technique, be more proficient with the manual setting, and build a strong foundation for moving upward. Private, One-on-One instruction is also available here

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  1. Aperture & Shutter Speed

    Aperture & Shutter Speed


    On Request Understand the relationship between aperture and shutter speed related to showing/stopping motion and depth of field Learn More
  2. Basic Camera Operation

    Basic Camera Operation


    On Request Class Location: To be announced A 3-hour, straight-up, hands-on overview of common camera settings, modes, and the types of situations in which you might use them. Learn More
  3. Before You Buy

    Before You Buy


    On Request Class Location: varies 2-hr seminar to help you select the correct digital camera and accessories. Learn More
  4. Composition I

    Composition I


    May 7-21 On Request 6-hour class in 3 sessions about how to design a photograph. Includes a 2-hour field trip and image feedback. Learn More
  5. Equipment & Accessories

    Equipment & Accessories Module


    On Request Class Location: Brown Mackie College 9050 W Overland RD, Boise An overview of basic and fundamental photo gear you need to be organized, productive, efficient, and to provide a steady and functional shooting platform. Learn More
  6. ISO & Histogram

    ISO & Histogram


    On Request Understand ISO and the function, usefulness, and interpretation of the histogram. Learn More
  7. Light & Light Meter

    Light & Light Meter Module


    On Request Learn and understand the fundamentals of light. how the light meter "sees" the world from the camera eye, understand the various metering modes and when to use them. Learn More
  8. Personal Digital Workflow

    Personal Digital Workflow


    On Request Learn and apply the fundamentals to building a personal workflow process. Learn More
  9. Photography I

    Photography I


    May 6-27 On Request 8-hour class in 4 sessions for you to learn the fundamentals of light and camera operation, laying the foundation for a successful hobby or career in photography Class Location: TBD Learn More
  10. Photography II

    Photography II


    On Request
    14-hour class in 5 sessions (three 2-hr class sessions, two 4-hr field sessions) for you to apply the fundamentals of light and camera operation in the field, plus classroom review of your work. Learn More
  11. The Exposure Equation: Dump the Triangle

    The Exposure Equation


    On Request In this 4-hour class, learn an easy and practical way to understand the relationships between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to help you make exposure setting decisions. Learn More

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