Slide and Film Scanning Services

All scanning is done individually, by hand, using professional scanners and the utmost care for your film, negatives, and flat stock.

I am capable of scanning slides/transparencies and negatives of 35mm, 120mm, 220mm, 4"x5" and flat stock (photographs and other artwork) up to 16x20. Film and transparencies will be scanned at 300 dpi and 8bit by default. Files will be output to either JPG or TIF file formats unless otherwise requested.

Photo restoration service is available at $45/hr + scan charges.

To determine your project cost:

1) select the basic scan charge

2) choose the bit depth of the scan

3) choose the final size of the image scan

4) choose any additional image sizes you would like created from the scan

5) choose the media you would like the files output to (CD or DVD)

6) choose your shipping (pick up is available)

Because of the customized nature of this service, there may be additional charges to the pricing guidelines shown here. Please call or Contact Me with your project and questions and I will provide you with an accurate estimate. For most projects these prices are accurate and you can confindently use them for budgeting purposes.

Contact Me for bulk scanning prices (> 10 image scans).

Slide and Negative Scans

Basic Scan (per image)$15 Includes: 8bit, 300dpi, 8x10/8x12 image size, basic color & exposure correction, basic dust & scratches, and CD or DVD media
Film Size (add to Basic Scan fee, per image)   
35mm slide or negativedefault 
120/220 slide or negative $0.75 
4x5 slide or negative $1.25 
Bit Depth (add to Basic Scan fee)  
16bit $0.50  
Image Size (add to Basic Scan fee)  
Additional items  
Additional copy of files on CD$5.00 
Additional copy of files on DVD$7.00 
USPS First Class$10.00 
USPS Express (overnight) $30.00  
Pick up By Appointment